Social business skills course

Social business skills

Course description

Engagement and empathy are the foundations of good communication skills. Awareness and practice of social skills can be very useful in the business world. Your potential will be assessed on your ability to convince, entertain, create empathy and socialise with others. People are rarely motivated to make a deal with someone they do not trust or who is simply not on the same wavelength; but we are happy to make contact with people from whom we receive positive feedback and who show an interest in communicating.

The focus of the webinar is to improve the skills needed to help participants get to know each other, to become familiar with the available technology and to become more aware of their social skills.

Participants are introduced to a set of effective communication tools, and engage in interactive practical sessions tailored to their area of business. Their social skills will be assessed during practical case studies and role-plays.


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Assessment test - CEFR

The CEFR test (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) is the system devised by European countries to unambiguously describe the level at which an individual speaks and understands a foreign language. Our comprehensive test consists of a 45-minute online written test and a 15-minute zoom interview to assess oral comprehension, production and interaction skills. The results are numeric and refer to the CEFR and international language standards. The test is crucial for effective course design and when repeated at the end of the project allows for an objective measurement of the results achieved. It is an excellent tool for an accurate assessment.

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CEFR assessment test

We have prepared an accurate assessment test in Italian, English, French, Spanish and German. It takes the form of an online test and an oral interview.
The results are given in numbers based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and international language standards.

Once you have taken the test, we will send you an email with the result and make arrangements for the oral test, which consists of a 15-minute interview in the language.

A personal language needs analysis is also performed at this stage to find out your individual target in order to customise the course content.

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Assessment test - CEFR

If you would like feedback from one of our experts before deciding whether or not to take the test, please tell us which language you are interested in.
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